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The main aim of the Kingdom Of Fife Group (KOFG) of Advanced Motorists is to improve driving standards and road safety by giving guidance to IAM Associate Members on how to attain the required standard to pass the IAM test. Within the Kingdom Of Fife Group, this can be done using a car, a van or a motorcycle.

The group consists of :

  1. Associate Members, who are in the process of training to achieve the required IAM test standard.
  2. Full Members, who have passed their IAM Advanced Test.
  3. Observers, who are Full Members that volunteer their time in order to give guidance to Associate Members.

Once a new Associate Member has purchased a "Skill for Life" package from IAM, there is nothing else to pay (except for Motorcycle members, for whom there is a small fee per Observed Run to cover Observer expenses) - all guidance and Demonstration / Observed Drives are given free of charge by volunteer Observers.

Click here to see details of what the Skill for Life packages cost and what you get for your money.

Associate Members normally achieve the required IAM standard of driving through a series of Observed and Demonstration Drives. These usually take place with their Observer at weekly intervals at a mutually convenient time and place. This means that the Associate has the following week to put into practice any new skills learned prior to the following week's drive. Click here to see further details and pictures of an Observed Drive.

Advanced Driving is not about driving at speed everywhere, but it is not about driving too slowly either. An Advanced Driver should be able to make full use of speed limits where conditions allow. The main features of Advanced Driving include Concentration, Observation and Anticipation. Want to find out more ? Why not contact us ?.

Ferrari Wreck

So why is there a need for Advanced Driving? I've passed my standard DSA Driving Test, isn't that enough? No.

Every day on UK roads 9 people are killed, 89 more are seriously injured, and 673 more sustain slight injuries. Just think about those figures for a minute - that's nine people every single day ! (Source : Department for Transport, 2007).

This means that you have a 1 in 200 chance of being killed in a road crash. (Source : Brake road safety charity, 2007).

Road crashes account for nearly half of all accidental deaths in Britain, and one quarter of all deaths of adults under 30 years of age (Source : IAM, 2007).

Don't become one of these statistics !
Research indicates that your chance of having an accident is cut by two thirds if you are an Advanced Driver.

If you'd like to become an Advanced Driver or an Advanced Rider, you can purchase a "Skill for Life" package on-line from the IAM by clicking here and then selecting the package required (Car or Motorcycle). Alternatively you can contact the Fife Group's Membership Secretary by clicking here.

Note: The driver of the Ferrari in the picture above is not an IAM member. Luckily however, he did walk away from this accident. The car only had 9 miles on the odometer, and one mile of that happened during this incident !

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