Books & DVDs

Want to find out more about Advanced Driving or Riding ? Want a bit more help in preparing for your Advanced Test?

Below are some suggested Books and DVDs you may find interesting and useful in IAM Test your preparation. You should already have received "How To Be A Better Driver" or "How To Be An Advanced Motorcyclist" as part of your IAM "Skill for Life" package. The rest are optional - they may help you but the purchase of them is not compulsory.

  1. How To Be A Better Driver
  2. How To Be An Advanced Driver
  3. How To Be A Better Rider
  4. How To Be An Advanced Motorcyclist
  5. Highway Code
  6. Know Your Traffic Signs
  7. Roadcraft
  8. Drive To Survive
  9. Human Aspects Of Police Driving
  10. Mind Driving

  1. KOFG Introduction
  2. Roadcraft
  3. Driving With Commentary
  4. Ultimate Driving Craft
  5. Bespoke Series Of DVDs

Many of the above books can be purchased directly from the Kingdom Of Fife Group of Advanced Motorists, with a saving of up to 50%. For a list of the titles available and the prices of these, please click here.

Alternatively, the above titles can be purchased from all leading bookstores as well as several on-line suppliers such as Desktop Driving Ltd.

If you have any problems in trying to purchase any of these titles, or if you have any additional titles which you think should be added to this list of Books & DVDs, please click here to contact the KOFG Webmaster.

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