Skill for Life Costs

The Skill for Life packages, which you can purchase from IAM by clicking here, cost 149 for Cars or Motorcycles

Included in the Skill for Life package are :

Any Observed Drives or Rides, as well as any help or advice required to allow you to prepare for the IAM test, are also included as this is all provided by volunteer Observers within the Group.

Although the majority of members from the Fife Group pass their Advanced Test on the first attempt (pass rate of over 90%), an additional fee of 35 will be required if another test is required.

The only other expense involved in the process applies only to Motorcycle Members, for whom there is a small fee per Observed Run to cover Observer expenses. This does not apply to Car members as Observed Drives are done using your own vehicle rather than Motorcycle Observed Runs where the Observer must also take their own motorcycle.

After passing your test and becoming an Advanced Driver or Rider, annual membership of the Kingdom Of Fife Group is only 10 (9 if paid by annual Standing Order) and IAM Annual Membership costs 36.50 (32.50 if paid by annual Direct Debit).

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