IAM Dominic Fox Award

The IAM Dominic Fox Award seeks to acknowledge and celebrate outstanding road safety work, particularly activity that has directly or indirectly contributed to saving the lives of young drivers and riders.

It is an award that has been made since 2002, in memory of Dominic Fox who was the youngest member of the IAM Council.

Dominic Fox Award Winners

Year Award Winner
2002 PC John Spencer of Northamptonshire Police.
2003 Simon Ettinghausen of Bexley Borough Council.
2004 Sam Geddis of Adelaide Insurance (Belfast) - Roadwise Scheme for young drivers.
2005 PC Nobby Clark of Cheshire Police.
2006 Mrs Sue Wright from Hampshire - Momentum programme for pre-L Drivers.
2007 Station Officer Dave Hewston of Coleshill Fire Station, North Warwickshire.
Working in partnership with Warwickshire Police, and after discovering that people were 190 times more likely to be killed or seriously injured in a road accident in North Warwickshire than they were to die in a fire in the same area, Station Officer Dave Hewston spearheaded the North Warwickshire Area Risk team initiative with a course for young drivers called “Driving Down the Risk”.


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