Observed Drives

The process of an IAM Associate Member getting their driving up to a standard high enough to allow them to sit (and hopefully pass) the IAM Advanced Test is done through a series of Observed Drives.

These normally last around 60-90 minutes and take place at weekly intervals at a date, time and location suitable to both the Associate Member and their Observer. They take place using the Associate's car with the Observer in the passenger seat giving route directions and advice.

If you have any questions about Observed Drives within the Fife Group, please contact our Chief Observer.

Below are a series of photographs taken during an Observed Drive in Fife (you may recognise some of the local locations). Click on these pictures to see larger versions of each photo.

Observed Drive underway Observed Drive Progresses Through Kirkcaldy Rather Confusing - Do We Go Left Or Right Here? Are You Sure - Looks Like A Right Hand Bend To Me? Observer Offers Some Advice During The Drive   Some More Advice. Those Big Green Things Are Called Trees Time To Make Some Notes For Items To Discuss At The End Of The Drive I Am Sure There Should Be A Road Out There Somewhere Some More Advice And Lots More Pointing Either A New Relaxed Way Of Holding The Wheel, Or A Horn Warning Is Being Given   Do You Think There Is A Crossroads Junction Coming Up? How Many Hazards Can You Spot In This Picture? There Is A Warning Sign Behind That Tree. Any Idea What It Is? Observed Drive over And Everyone Is Still Smiling. Time To Discuss Any Points Raised During The Drive Thanks To Fred & Eric For Their Example Observed Drive

There's no need to worry that when you go on an Observed Drive you'll have a photographer sitting in the back seat! In these pictures, the Observer is Fife Group's Senior Observer, Secretary and Newsletter Editor, Fred Davidson add the driver under instruction is Group member Eric Smith.

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