IAM Fred Welch Award

The Fred Welch Rosebowl is a silver trophy first presented in 1969 by the late Fred Welch, the first IAM Group Representative to sit on the IAM Council.

The Rosebowl is awarded annually to the full member who has in the past and is currently contributing most to promoting the aims and objectives of the IAM. This is a very worthy individual award and gives a much wider public recognition of the activities and efforts of the unsung heroes of the Group movement.

Fred Welch Award Winners

Year Award Winner Group
1981 Mrs Kitty Stower Wirral
1982 Mr Bernard Smith Sheffield
1983 Mr Joe Thomas Wigan
1984 Mr Brian Snook Coventry
1985 Mr George Goldie Ardrossan
1986 Mr John Harman Wigan
1987 Mr Ron Clare Sefton
1988 Mrs Thelma Bradshaw Derby
1989 Mrs Mabel Welch Wirral
1990 Mrs Myra Parry Gloucestershire
1991 Mrs Glenys Allerton Lincoln
1992 Mr Mervyn Bates North Down (NI)
1993 Mr John Davison Ballymena (NI)
1994 Mr Graham Hankins Solihull
1995 Mr Neil Sturrock Glasgow South
1996 Mr Bryan Davies Birmingham Motorcyclists
1997 Mr Chris Hill Stratford Upon Avon
1998 Mr David Wilkinson Birmingham
1999 Mr Ian Scott North West Ulster (NI)
2000 Mr Steve Bearne Glasgow South
2001 Mr Robert Jackson Solihull
2002 Mrs Renee Logan North West Ulster (NI)
2003 Mr Reg Gough Herefordshire
2004 Mr Norman Jarvis Wirral
2005 Mr Tom Browne North West Ulster (NI)
2006 Mr Eric Hill Perth
2007 Mr Fred Davidson Kingdom Of Fife
2008 Mr Roy Sammons Bolton


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