2008 Fife Young Driver Challenge Update

Susan Of Fife Young Driver Challenge

You may have seen recently articles in the local newspapers regarding the “Fife Young Driver Challenge”. This is an initiative which is being run by Fife Safety Camera Partnership, Dunfermline Building Society and Kingdom of Fife Group of Advanced Motorists.

Basically, six young drivers are being challenged to attempt the Advanced Driving Test funded by sponsorship from Dunfermline Building Society.

An article was put in the local newspapers inviting young drivers in Fife to apply for the challenge.

There were 23 applicants and all 23 had the opportunity to attend a classroom session and also a driving assessment day at Fife Police Headquarters where KOFG Observers did a 15 minute observed drive. From the results, six were chosen for the young driver challenge and the observed runs began.

Group member and committee member Susan McIntyre, (see picture above) herself a young driver, is fronting the challenge for KOFG. It is hoped that all the young drivers will pass their Advanced Tests around July 2008. Their progress is being monitored and if the initiative is successful, it is hoped that further sponsorship can be obtained to assist more young drivers to improve their driving and pass the Advanced Test.

Observers And Associates Of The Fife Young Driver Challenge

Associates Of The Fife Young Driver Challenge

Shown here are pictures taken of most of the Young Drivers and Observers involved in the 2008 Fife Young Driver Challenge.

Should you have any questions regarding the Fife Young Driver Challenge, or should you wish to contact a member of the Kingdom Of Fife Group of Advanced Motorists regarding this, please click here to contact us.

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