Susan's Story
Susan MacIntyre


I passed my L test at 17, first time lucky.

Obviously, being the best driver in the world, I was invincible on every road that I drove on. Until of course I discovered the putting lipstick on in my rear view mirror whilst driving round a corner was a bad idea. One write-off later, I hadn't learned my lesson and within my 2 year probationary period I had been flashed twice for speeding.

Bye bye licence.

After my driving ban, I had to re-apply for my licence from scratch. It wasn't a case of just booking my test again. I had to apply for my licence, re-sit my theory, take more driving lessons, re-sit my practical test, and tell my insurance company.

It was when I passed my test again that I was pointed in the direction of the IAM. I'd never heard of them, and instantly groaned at the prospect of more 'driving lessons', but I was wrong to judge.

Through my training with the IAM I have become a better driver. I am more aware of what's happening around me, how to handle different conditions and corners and am overall a lot safer behind the wheel.

Since passing my Advanced Test and becoming a full member, I have joined the KOFG committee and am their Young Driver Liaison. I'm also training to become an Observer myself, so that I can help other drivers to improve their own road safety. I want to make Fife's roads safer for everyone that uses them.

I would recommend the IAM to anyone who wants to improve their driving skills or get rid of any bad habits that have developed since passing the L test, no matter how long ago it was. I would love to see more young drivers take a genuine interest in their driving and not just in their cars. It has to be something you want to do though, Observers and Examiners can sniff out someone who is just after a badge and/or cheaper insurance.

Oh Yeah ! Did I mention the cheaper insurance ?

I also want to prove its not just old guys in Jaguars that have the IAM badge on their car.

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