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Gift Aid Questions And Answers

What Is Gift Aid ?
Gift Aid is a scheme that allows charity organisations, such as the Kingdom Of Fife Group of Advanced Motorists, to claim back tax that has already been paid on any donations or subscription payments that you make. There is no cost to you involved in this as the money is claimed back from HM Revenue & Customs ( HMRC ). The result of completing this form is that whenever you pay your annual subscription, the group will actually receive an additional 25%.

What Do I Have To Do ?
All that is required is that you complete a Gift Aid Declaration Form. On this, simply complete your details in Section A, tick the Declaration Type required (usually the first one) from Section B (this will allow us to reclaim Gift Aid for up to the past six years as well as for the current year), and then finally sign and date the form in Section C. Once complete, please return the form along with your annual subscription payment. That's it. You don't have to do anything else and there's no cost to you involved in this.

Do I Have To Complete This Form Each Year ?
No. When you have completed this form it will remain valid for future years until cancelled, so there is no need to complete a new one each year.

Who Can Do This ?
The Gift Aid process applies to any Full Members (those who have passed their IAM test) who are UK taxpayers (either Income Tax or Capital Gains Tax). You only need to have paid 2.50 in tax each year to enable the Group to claim Gift Aid on your behalf for that year's subscription. If you pay tax now but didn't in any of the past 6 tax years, simply choose the second option within Section B of the Gift Aid Declaration Form - this will allow us to claim back tax for the current year but not for previous years.

Why Are We Asking You To Complete This Form ?
This form only has to be completed once, and no other work is required from yourself after that. This will then allow KOFG to claim back the tax on your annual membership subscription every year using the same form. Not only will this allow KOFG to continue it's work in improving road safety within Fife, it will also help to ensure that the annual membership subscription fee is retained at the current level without the need for any increases - the more people that complete this form, the longer we can keep the annual membership subscription at the current amount.

Where Do I Post This Form To ?
Once completed, the Gift Aid Declaration form should be posted to :
           Scott Armour (KOFG Treasurer), 4 Burnside, Auchtermuchty, Fife, KY14 7AJ.

Any Other Questions ?
If you have any questions regarding Gift Aid which are not answered above, please contact Kingdom Of Fife Group of Advanced Motorists by clicking here.

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