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Welcome to the Motorcycle Section of the Kingdom Of Fife Group of Advanced Motorists.

As with the rest of the group, this section is made up of Associate Members, Full Members and Observers.

The Motorcycle Section was recently formed to offer local riders the opportunity of preparing to sit the IAM Advanced Motorcycle Test in and around Fife through the IAM's “Skill for Life” product.

Already got a Skill for Life package from IAM and wondering what happens next ? Click here to find out.

What's Involved

Test preparation is done on a one to one basis with a Group Observer, during Observed Rides which last around 90 minutes and take place every 1-2 weeks.

Advanced riding is achieved using the System of Motorcycle Control from the Police Roadcraft Manual. The System is based on “IPSGA” :

Information Taking in information, using the information gathered, and giving back Information to other road users.
Position Selecting the correct road position to negotiate hazards safely and smoothly.
Speed Adjust to be able to deal with any hazards and stop in the distance you can see to be clear.
Gear Select the correct gear most suitable for the speed needed chosen to negotiate the hazard.
Acceleration Correct use of throttle to maintain speed and stability through the hazard.

Advanced riding will improve your observations, build your confidence, help you to identify hazards and deal with them safely and at the proper speed while maintaining mechanical sympathy therefore also reducing your running costs.

The current cost of the "Skills for Life" package is £149 (breakdown of costs available here), which can be purchased from IAM online here or by contacting our Motorcycle Liaison for a Skill for Life application form, by clicking here.

Motorcycle Section Members

Observer Expenses

The IAM have made a provision for their Observer’s expenses to be offset by a contribution from Associates. They have set a maximum of £10 per run for this purpose. With the cost of fuel and the wear and tear on Observer’s machines, it is felt that this provision is reasonable and will be introduced within the Kingdom Of Fife Group. We have however decided to reduce the contribution from £10 to £8 per Observed Run. This will take effect from January 2009.
From January, can all Associates please offer their contribution of £8 per Observed Run, to their Observer, either at the beginning or the end of their Run. You Observer will mark your assessment sheet as receipt. Thank you for your co-operation and good luck with your Skill For Life.

Motorcycle Section Members

Contact Us For More Details

Should you have any questions about Advanced Motorcycling or require and further information, please click here to contact the Kingdom Of Fife Group Motorcycle Liaison.

News Articles

The IAM regularly publish News Releases or Driving Tips on their website ( click here to view all articles) and many of them relate specifically to motorcycles.

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