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Welcome to the Motorcycle Section of the Kingdom Of Fife Group of IAM RoadSmart.

As with the rest of the group, this section is made up of Associate Members, Full Members and Observers.

The Motorcycle Section was formed to offer local riders the opportunity of preparing to sit the IAM RoadSmart Advanced Motorcycle Test in and around Fife through their Advanced Riding course.

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Advanced Rider Course

Be one of the most skilled riders on the road with this on road motorcycling course.

Motorcycle Section Members

What's Involved

What is it and what does it consist of?
Our aim is for you to pass your IAM advanced motorcycle test. The method we use is based on the Police system of motorcycle control and IPSGA.

Advanced riding is achieved using the System of Motorcycle Control from the Police Roadcraft Manual. The System is based on “IPSGA” :

Information Gather and process information in order to make accurate decisions about riding. Communication is also important as clearly conveying intentions allows for road space to be shared more effectively with other road users.
Position Position machine appropriately in all traffic situations.
Speed Travel at the appropriate speed in all traffic situations.
Gear Select the appropriate gear for the chosen speed in all traffic situations.
Acceleration Apply the appropriate degree of acceleration to leave any hazard safely.

The purpose of IPSGA is to promote safety and prevent collisions by encouraging riders to adapt a systematic approach to any hazard. In this case a hazard is anything which contains an element of actual or potential danger.

When you purchase your Advanced Rider package, you will receive the IAM RoadSmart manual, ‘Advanced Rider Course’ and a new Highway Code manual. You will then be allocated an Observer for the duration of your time with us before your test. Once you pass your test if you wish you can go on to pass on those skills to others and become an Observer yourself. This in itself will require further in depth training. All our IAM Observer team are volunteers. They give of their spare time to promote safer riding. They are fully trained to help you develop your riding to an advanced level.

So what is advanced riding all about? An Advanced Motorcyclist will always be in the right position, doing the right speed and in the right gear for the approaching hazard and can stop in the distance that can seen to be clear on their side of the road.

Our Observers are trained to do exactly that, observe you on your bike. They will carefully observe your riding skills and work with you to find ways to raise your level when it comes to reading the road and machine control.

Advanced riding will improve your observations, build your confidence, help you to identify hazards and deal with them safely and at the proper speed while maintaining mechanical sympathy therefore also reducing your running costs.

Motorcycle Section Members

The course and the test
Once an Observer is allocated to you they will be in touch and thereafter following an initial assessment ride with your Observer, you will have regular observed runs. We aim to carry these out every 1-2 weeks. They will cover a multitude of roads, varying conditions and different situations you will improve your riding and confidence. You will receive feedback at intervals during your runs, and receive a detailed assessment form afterwards where you can monitor your own improvement and be reminded of the areas that you need to work on. We encourage you to practice what you learn during your runs with your Observer.

Your assessed runs are on a one to one basis with you and the Observer. When your Observer feels you are ready for your test, you will go for an assessed run with another Observer. They will confirm if you are ready for your test. When you have applied for your test, your examiner will contact you. The examiner on the IAM test is a Class 1 Police motorcyclist. Don’t worry they turn up on their own bikes for the test.

The Advanced Rider course is a valuable learning experience.

Within the group, we organize runs where you will have the opportunity to meet like-minded, enthusiastic folk. A great chance to observe how others ride and to maintain your skill levels.


The cost
The all-inclusive Advanced Rider Course:

The complete course, including test £149* (correct at time of posting)

* The IAM have made a provision for their Observer’s expenses to be offset by a contribution from Associates. With the cost of fuel and the wear and tear on Observer’s machines, it is felt that this provision is reasonable and will be introduced within the Kingdom Of Fife Group As such an additional one off fee of £50 is payable to the group. This should be paid prior to going out with your Observer.

Advanced riding will improve your observations, build your confidence, help you to identify hazards and deal with them safely and at the proper speed while maintaining mechanical sympathy therefore also reducing your running costs.

You can purchase the Advanced Rider Course from IAM online here.

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Thank you for your co-operation and good luck with your Advanced Rider Course.

Contact Us For More Details

Should you have any questions about Advanced Motorcycling or require and further information, please click here to contact the Kingdom Of Fife Group Motorcycle Liaison.

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