Motorway Statistics

History Of UK Motorways
The first UK Motorway, the M6 Preston By-Pass was opened on 5th December 1958.
Although it sometimes still seems the case, when it opened there really was no speed limit on this road.
Speed limits on UK Motorways were not introduced until December 1965. This happened after several serious accidents, mainly in fog, when an experimental speed limit of 70 mph (112 km/h) was introduced. It was then made permanent in 1967 for all Motorways and Dual Carriageways with a central reservation.

Motorway Safety Figures
Statistically, Motorways are the safest type of road within the UK with only 3% of serious accidents and 4% of casualties taking place on them.
However, 8,000 people are still killed or seriously injured on UK Motorways each year (with about 250 of these happening on the hard shoulder).

Motorway Service Areas
An important feature of Motorways are obviously the Service Areas - especially as it is recommended that you stop for a 15 minute break every 2 hours (and sooner if you're about to run out of fuel !).
For more details on UK Motorway Service Areas, click here.

Other Motorway Statistics

Motorways % Of Total Road Length % Of Traffic
England 1.0 20
Scotland 0.7 14
Wales 0.4 12
Ireland N/A N/A

In the past 10 years, there has been a 37% increase in Motorway traffic but only an 8% increase in the total length of the Motorway network.
Within the UK there are around 32 million vehicles. Therefore, itís not surprising that according to the Highways Agency the causes of Motorway congestion are as follows :

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