Newsletters & Quizzes

Kingdom Of Fife Group (KOFG) Newsletters are not currently available online.

There are three Newsletters per year, which are published and mailed out to all Full & Associate KOFG members during the following months :

If you have any questions regarding the newsletter, or if you have any articles which you would like to submit for inclusion in the next newsletter then please contact our Newsletter Editor.

To view the correct answers for any of the recent Newsletter Quizzes, click here.

  1. In addition to the Newsletter Quiz, you could also have a go at the KOFG Car Manufacturer Badge Quiz - how many manufacturer and designer badges or logos can you recognise ? Click here to have a go at this quiz.
  2. Alternatively, why not try the Wordsearch Quiz, as published in the May 2008 Newsletter - how many manufacturer and model names can you find ? Click here to have a go at this quiz.

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