Membership Renewal

There are two separate parts to your Membership Renewal, and these will often be due on different dates.
1. Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) Annual Membership
32.50 per year (36.50 if not paying by Dircet Debit), with payment going direct to IAM Head Office in London.
Payment of this is required to maintain your IAM membership and to allow you to receive the IAM 4-monthly magazines. It also allows you to qualify for IAM Surety Insurance products as well as other IAM discounts. For a full list of these benefits, see the Member Benefits section of the IAM website by clicking here. IAM Head Office should contact you when your IAM Membership Renewal is due.
2. Kingdom Of Fife Group (KOFG) Annual Membership
10 per year (9 if paid by Standing Order), with payment going to the KOFG Treasurer in Fife.
Payment of this annual membership not only allows your local Group to continue it's work in improving Road Safety within Fife, but also ensures that you continue to receive our Newsletters, member discounts and invitations to any events that are organised within Fife. The KOFG membership renewal is due for all Full Members on 1st July each year and the membership years runs from then until 30th June the following year. The Membership fee is the same regardless of whether you are a member for cars, motorcycles or both.
This is only payable by Full Members. If, on 1st July, you have not yet passed your IAM test then you will not be due to pay this annual fee until the following year.

KOFG Renewal Methods

Payment of your KOFG annual membership renewal can be done in one of the following four ways :
1. Automatic Renewal - Standing Order
A Standing Order can be set up to automatically renew your KOFG Membership each year. Choosing to renew by this method will mean that you will qualify for a 10% discount, reducing the cost from 10 to 9 per year. In order to set up the Standing Order renewal, please print and complete a Standing Order Mandate form and return this to the KOFG Treasurer prior to the renewal date of 1 July.
2. Cash Or Cheque
Membership renewals can also be done by cash or cheque (no cash sent through the post please). Cheques should be made payable to "KOFG IAM".
3. Online - Bank Transfer
To renew your KOFG annual membership by online bank transfer, please use your online banking to create a transfer with the following details :
        Amount : 10.00.
        Sort Code : 09-01-54.
        Account Number : 62776085.
        Payee Reference : Your name and/or membership number.
4. Online - Paypal
The final option for renewing your KOFG Annual Membership involves payment via Paypal. To do this, please enter your name in the box below, click on the "Buy Now" button and follow any instructions that are displayed on-screen.

Enter Name :


Download Required Forms

The following forms relating to renewing your KOFG Membership can be viewed / downloaded from the links below. Once completed, they should be returned to KOFG Treasurer (details at bottom of this page).
1. Membership Renewal Form
Click here for the KOFG Annual Membership Renewal form - to be completed by all Full Members each year (unless paying by Standing Order).
2. Standing Order Mandate Form
Click here for the form required to set up a Standing Order with your bank (only required once, not every year).
3. Gift Aid Declaration Form
Click here for the form required to allow KOFG to claim Gift Aid on you membership subscription (only required once, not every year). To find out more about Gift Aid and how KOFG can benefit from this at no cost to you, please click here.

Any Questions ?

If you have any questions about annual membership renewals (IAM and/or KOFG), or about Gift Aid, please click here to contact KOFG Treasurer.
Any completed forms / renewal payments should be posted to : Scott Armour (KOFG Treasurer), 4 Burnside, Auchtermuchty, Fife, KY14 7AJ. Alternatively, scanned completed forms can be emailed to

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