Member Surveys

As you would expect, most of the information on this website is about road safety, road casualty figures, etc. However, there is a lighter side to being a member of the Group as well.

Our Group, as with any other, consists of members who share common interests. In this case it is road safety and better driving, but most members share many other motoring related interests as well. In addition to helping new Associate members to get through their IAM Advanced Test, members can also enjoy Social Events, Newsletters, Quizzes, etc. orgnised by the Group.

Included in the "lighter" side of the Group's activities is this webpage. It gives you the opportunity to vote upon various topics (selected by Group Members) and view the results once votes have been collated and counted.

Below are a list of the surveys that are currently on-going. Click on the required link on the left to choose and submit your votes (done via email) or click on the link on the right to view the results of a survey.

No Survey Description Vote View Results
01 Best Motoring Films Submit Vote View Results
02 Car Safety Equipment Submit Vote View Results
03 Things On The Road That You Hate Submit Vote View Results
04 Worlds Best Drivers Submit Vote View Results
05 Worlds Best Cars Submit Vote View Results
06 Causes Of Road Accidents Submit Vote View Results
07 Challenges Of The IAM Test Submit Vote View Results

If you have any ideas for future surveys that can be conducted, please click here to contact the Group's Webmaster.

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